Golf Course Worker Doesn’t See Bag Filled With $36K In Cash As Her Tip, Returns It

Working all day serving drinks on a golf course might make one think, “Hey, I deserve a really nice tip.” But for one woman employed by a golf course in Miami Beach, Fla., there was no way she was going to claim a bag full of $36,000 in cash as her just desserts for doing her job. She found the bag o’green on the green and turned it in instead.

It could be tempting to lay hands on all that cash and let it go, but the woman says she needed to do the right thing.

“Easy money is not good money, you know?” she told WSVN-TV. “I was really freaking out a little bit.” As one might do, when faced with “stack after stack” of cash, as she puts it.

Golfers alerted her to the bag, sitting all by its lonesome on a bench and containing all that green, as well as the ID of a 76-year-old man who cops say could have a medical condition. They’re praising the woman for doing the right thing, because heck — who wouldn’t want to walk off with a year’s salary?

“We are in touch with the [man’s] family members getting more information, but we have identified that money as his through different transactions that he made. But it’s nice that there’s people out there … $36,000 is what a lot of people make a year.”

Indeed, that amount is pretty much what the woman makes in a year, she says, but it all goes back to being taught not to steal when she was a kid.

I was told not to leave bags of cash lying around when I was a kid, a lesson I have come nowhere close to ever needing.

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