Report: Twitter Working On Two-Step Verification In Wake Of AP Hack Attack

If Twitter needed a reason to start using a two-step security process to protect its users,  yesterday’s hack attack against the Associated Press’ Twitter account would be more than enough. One single fake tweet from the AP about an attack on the White House sent the Dow Industrial Average diving, and a new report today says Twitter is working on a solution so that kind of thing doesn’t happen in the future.’s Mat Honan says Twitter is currently testing a two-step verification process and wants to start rolling it out to users incrementally soon.

Anyone who has any kind of password-protected account should definitely be familiar with two-factor, multi-factor or two-step verification, as it’s known: It prevents hackers from noodling around in your account when and if your password fails.

If a user logs in from a new location, the account will ask for a special code before allowing access. That code is usually generated via text message by the account itself, or a smartphone application like Google Authenticator.

Twitter hasn’t said yet when it will start using two-factor verification, but yesterday’s incident may have just lit a rather toasty fire under its butt.

Twitter Now Has a Two-Step Solution []

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