I May Or May Not Have Preordered Samsung Galaxy S4 From Best Buy

Trevor might be getting a Samsung Galaxy S4. He might not. His order went through fine the first time, but it turned out that he made an error, and had asked for the wrong phone number to be upgraded. Oops. He called to cancel the order, but didn’t have a credit card handy to place a new one. That is how his saga began. A saga of trying to place a preorder that Best Buy apparently doesn’t want to accept.

He writes:

After successfully pre-ordering a Samsung Galaxy S 4 through Best Buy, I realized that I submitted the wrong phone number on account to be upgraded. I called Best Buy support and after getting the message “we are experiencing higher than normal call volume” my call was answered (within 10 seconds). The support agent (Amanda) informed me that I would have to cancel my order and place the order again. She then offered to place the order for me over the phone – but I did not have my credit card information handy. Because it was so simple the first time, I wasn’t worried about having to jump through any hoops to do it the second time.

I placed the order again later that day (April 17, 2013) and instead of getting a “Thank you for your order!” message like before, I was met with “We’re sorry. There was an error when processing your request. Please click here to try again. We apologize for the inconvenience.” After trying again several times, I opened chat. The first three agents suggest that I call into support. I called the number provided on the page with the error message and spent 35 minutes on hold. When I did finally reach someone, he informed me that his department was “dead” and that there were “zero hold times”.

My order did eventually go through and I received a confirmation email, very quickly followed by a “your order has been canceled” email. At the time I am writing this, I’m still not sure whether or not I’ll ever be getting this phone – and certainly not from Best Buy.

That adds an element of suspense to ordering the phone. Try contacting AT&T–they may be able to see whether the number port has gone through for real this time.

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