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New Exploit Leaves Up To 600M Samsung Galaxy Phones Vulnerable To Hack

Bad news for up to 600 million Samsung Galaxy phone owners worldwide: a big fat new vulnerability has been found that could let anyone with the inclination to cause trouble into your phone to read your messages, listen to your mic, watch your camera, and push malware at you. Oops. [More]

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What Good Is An Extended Warranty Plan That Can’t Fix My Phone?

The idea behind paying extra for a warranty plan for your mobile phone that covers accidental damage is that when you accidentally damage your phone, you won’t have to pay out of pocket for a new one or spend weeks or months without a phone. Yet things didn’t work out that way for Nick, because his warranty provider couldn’t get parts to fix a cracked screen, and wasn’t able to successfully repair the phone even when they did. [More]

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I May Or May Not Have Preordered Samsung Galaxy S4 From Best Buy

Trevor might be getting a Samsung Galaxy S4. He might not. His order went through fine the first time, but it turned out that he made an error, and had asked for the wrong phone number to be upgraded. Oops. He called to cancel the order, but didn’t have a credit card handy to place a new one. That is how his saga began. A saga of trying to place a preorder that Best Buy apparently doesn’t want to accept. [More]


I Lose A Really Useful Android Feature And Sprint And Samsung Pass The Buck

We often hear from users of various Android smartphones complaining that their carrier or their phone manufacturer is keeping them away from the latest version of the operating system. Mark’s problem is sort of the opposite of that. He has the very newest release, Jelly Bean, but was horrified to discover that a feature he finds very useful at work was quietly discontinued. He can’t get an answer out of Samsung or his carrier, Sprint, about who decided to remove this feature or why. He just gets sent back and forth between companies. [More]

Samsung Asks Rhetorical Question, Gets The Wrong Answer

Samsung Asks Rhetorical Question, Gets The Wrong Answer

If you could read only one blog, which one would it be? Go ahead, Tell the truth. If the answer isn’t “The Consumerist,” we can take it. When Samsung asked a similar question on their Facebook, though, they may not have anticipated the current extent of iPhone fever. When asked which electronic device they would take with them to a deserted island, the Internet answered, “the iPhone 5.” [More]