Poop Cruise 2: Passengers Not Pleased After 410 Toilets Stop Working On Carnival Ship

cprincessIt’s only April and it’s been a banner year for Carnival. And while this latest cock-up doesn’t even approach the stinky scale of the stranded Poop Cruise, it nonetheless has some passengers ticked off.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a blockage in the Crown Princess’s vacuum toilet system resulted in 410 of the ship’s toilets being unable to flush for more than 12 hours on Friday. Some passengers on the 7-day Caribbean cruise said there were lingering problems even after the blockage was cleared.

Passengers who couldn’t use their stateroom toilets were given access to public restrooms, says Carnival, which owns Princess Cruises.

“It was quite an inconvenience,” one passenger tells Houston’s Channel 2. “If you had to get up in the middle of the night or even during the day, you had to go somewhere else to use the restroom.”

The passenger also says that getting to the bathroom wasn’t exactly like stepping down the hall: “You had to go to the public restrooms and that would entail taking an elevator and walking a bit.”

Yet another passenger says it smelled like a backed-up sewer on the ship.

Affected passengers will get $50 for their troubles, says a rep for the cruise line.

Meanwhile, one such passenger says she “will never, ever, ever, ever” take a cruise on the Crown Princess again.

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