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Littermaid Replaces Entire Automatic Litter Box When My Repair Goes Awry

Jasmin received the best housewarming gift ever: a Littermaid self-cleaning litterbox. Well, I suppose it’s not a very good gift if you don’t have a cat, but Jasmin was very pleased with it. When the electric adapter’s end got stuck inside the unit, she tried to get it out, but failed. Instead of just running on batteries as it had been, now the whole thing was useless. What could she do? She couldn’t afford a whole new Littermaid, and hadn’t had the new one for all that long anyway. So she checked in with the company to see whether they could just replace the relevant part. They just sent her a whole new setup instead. [More]

Litter Robot Replaces Box Destroyed By Cat's Poor Aim

Litter Robot Replaces Box Destroyed By Cat's Poor Aim

Jon wants the readers of Consumerist to know about the excellent experience he has had with Automated Pet Care Products, makers of the super-cool Litter Robot, which looks like a space station but actually eliminates the need for cat owners to scoop litter.