It Ain’t Over Yet: Dutch Authorities Pull 50,000 Tons Of Beef Over Horsemeat Concerns

If it seemed like the horsemeat scandal was slowing down over yonder in Europe, that was probably a premature supposition. Dutch authorities in the Netherlands are pulling 50,000 tons of beef from the shelves of stores all across Europe over fears that it could possibly contain horsemeat.

The trouble is, notes the Associated Press, that officials can’t figure out the exact source of the meat (so could it be unicorn, too?). That’s prompted the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority to alert 370 different companies across Europe and a further 130 just in the Netherlands of the recall. Those companies all purchased meat from two Dutch trading companies said to be at the center of the issue.

Since they can’t trace the meat back to where its source, “its safety cannot be guaranteed,” but right now authorities have “no concrete indications that there is a risk to public health.”

We’ve said it a bajillion times before and we’ll say it again — eating horsemeat in itself isn’t an inherently dangerous activity (unless perhaps the horse had been injected with certain drugs), it’s more about the right consumers have to read a label and know exactly what is in their food.

Horse meat in 50,000 tons of recalled ‘beef’? [Associated Press]

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