Well, At Least Most People Aren’t Stingy Jerks When They Tip

Tipping is a hot topic here on Consumerist, and…well, everywhere else online too. Common decency dictates that when you use a coupon or otherwise get discounted services or chow, you should still tip based on the original sticker price. Makes sense, right? And yet, a recent survey shows that 26% of adults who say that they leave tips claim that they tip based on the post-coupon total. For shame!

Now, let’s get on to the point of survey results like this: CouponCabin.com asked pollsters to ask American adults whether they tip certain categories of workers or not, and here was the proportion of people who said “yeah, sure.”

  • Restaurant staff (including wait staff, take out coordinator, maitre d’)– 87 percent
  • Hairstylist – 69 percent
  • Bartender – 62 percent
  • Taxi, car or limo driver – 60 percent
  • Valet – 54 percent
  • Bellhop – 52 percent
  • Beauty treatment provider (manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc…) – 41 percent
  • Home delivery (new furniture, appliances, etc…) – 38 percent
  • Spa treatment provider (massages, facials, skin treatments, etc…) – 35 percent
  • Restroom attendant – 22 percent

Tipping Etiquette Survey [CouponCabin]

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