Will The Edge Of Glory Really Let You Slice A Tomato WIth A Credit Card?

Chop chop

Chop chop

Have you always dreamed of slicing vegetables with the sharpened edge of a plastic credit card? Yeah, us either. But pitchman Anthony Sullivan does just that in the ad for the Edge of Glory, an inexpensive, small, and easy-to-use gadget that claims to sharpen any knife in your drawer. Is it worth $10.99 plus shipping and handling? According to tests by our super-sharp siblings down the hall at Consumer Reports, the answer is “maybe.” If you only have cheap knives. Or want to chop your food with a credit card. Which actually works.

While the product’s ad shows easy sharpening of serrated knives, Consumer Reports testers found that this wasn’t the case. If you have better-quality steel knives, don’t waste your time with the Edge of Glory. Sharpen them yourself at home or take them to a professional sharpener. If your knives are cheaper and made of softer metal, it should sharpen them up okay. Just keep it away from the steak knives and the Wusthof.

Here’s the original advertisement, for your amusement:

Claim check: Edge of Glory knife sharpener [Consumer Reports]

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