Tracking Down An Executive Means I Get Actual Good Service From Time Warner Cable

Image courtesy of (tehusagent)

In contrast to the post from earlier today about Time Warner Cable refusing to acknowledge that they’re giving a customer free cable, here’s a story about the cable giant that will makes them look much more warm, cuddly, and competent. LJ’s Tivo got stolen during her move, and Time Warner Cable charged her for the missing cable card, which she thought she had turned in with her TWC tuner. Of course, it was only after tracking down higher powers within Time Warner that she was able to actually get anything done.

I just wanted to write this note about my recent experience with TWC. I moved from one state to another, leaving my equipment behind to be returned by my niece. I had a TIVO box that requires a tuner and cable card to operate. Everything was turned in but the cable card which they were going to charge for.

I never received a notice although had addresses forwarded. However, I was under the impression the cable card was inside the tuner. So, I called TWC in December and asked them to locate the tuner. They had me fax my receipt and contact info but I didn’t receive any calls or correspondence. Last month I received a notice from my identity theft provider that a collection complaint was filed by TWC for $50 with the 3 credit bureaus. I immediately did research and identified the TWC executive in charge of the region.

To my surprise, within minutes of sending emails to various addresses, I received a phone call from [M], a TWC supervisor expressing his dismay with my dilemma. It was at this time I found out the cable card was in the TIVO box that was stolen during my move. He was kind enough to credit me, and will send letters to the collection agency and credit bureaus on my behalf. I currently have TWC, and there are many problems here too. [M] even offered to contact the local agency here, in another State, on my behalf.

It was important for me to send this email about the “Great Customer Service” I received. Mr. [redacted], the TWC executive in charge of the Northeast [State] office needs to be commended for stepping up and trying to ensure his offices are customer friendly and helpful.

See? Easy! Such executives’ names and info are easily findable on the Internets, or using customer service ninja tactcis.

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