Sears Outlet Not Used To Having Actual Customers, Locks Them Inside Store

A Michigan couple were shopping at Sears Outlet with their infant last week when they realized that they had been trapped inside the store. Police responding to a tripped alarm last Monday night discovered the would-be customers inside, claiming that employees had closed up and left them inside.

Police let the family go and waited for a Sears manager to come back to lock the store back up. Reporters from TV station WXYZ asked the manager on duty to comment on the situation, and got passed to Sears higher-ups. Sears claims to be “investigating” still.

While the screengrab illustrating this post says “Kmart,” it’s actually a Sears Outlet store that shares a building with a K-Dollar discount store. Which is to say, a discount discount store.

Police respond to alarm and find customers locked inside Sears Outlet store after closing time [WXYZ]

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