4 Vacation Destinations We’d Rather Be Visiting Than Great-Uncle Jerrold’s Doll Museum

For those of us still trapped firmly in the chilly, sloshy, sleet-filled embrace that is this miserable winter, vacation sounds like just an exotic dream. While you’re painting your daydream pictures for the time when you can finally take off, there are some fast-growing tourism industries out there getting more popular with visitors.

Tourism saw some big jumps in destinations we Western folk might not immediately think of, points out MarketWatch. But there’s a growing trend in travelers getting more interested in off-the-beaten path places like the six below.

1. Azerbaijan: This country is really laying out the red carpet since it started to ramp up training efforts for local hotels and investing more in the tourism industry. It’s also been calmer politically there lately, notes a Hotels.com spokesperson. Tourists spent 56.4% more there in 2012 than the year before.

2. Kyrgyzstan: So maybe you don’t know how to pronounce it correctly, but this Asian country is allowing people from 44 countries across its borders for up to 60 days without the need for a visa. Once there tourists can hike the mountains and visit lovely lakes, says MarketWatch.

3. Montenegro: The experts say Montenegro is going to be hopping in the near future. It’s got a reputation for adventure and eco-travel, and also boasts Adriatic beaches. Mmm, the beach.

4. Tunisia: Ever heard of a little thing called Star Wars? The new film will be shooting in this North African country, but it was already enjoying tourism success on its own before Disney announced that plan. Beaches, archaeological sites and oh yeah, TATOOINE is there. Nuff said.

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