Worst Company In America Round 1: Comcast Vs. T-Mobile

Another big name steps into the WCIA semicircle of crippling depression and generalized anxiety, as a former tournament champ takes its first step toward retaking the title.

Comcast, which took the Golden Poo home to Kabletown in 2010, has kept in top WCIA shape in spite of not making it to the finals since.

It’s been training its nickel-and-diming muscles by deciding to charge customers for previously free converter boxes, and it has strengthened its resolve to offer horrendous customer service, even to those whose houses might explode, or whose cable boxes did explode.

Comcast’s billing department is as inept as ever, failing to understand basic math, and paradoxically having auto-billing on and off simultaneously.

Even those that work for Comcast say the company does little to nothing to improve customer service.

T-Mobile is the underdog, not just in this match-up, but in the wireless industry, where its failure to merge with AT&T left it in fourth place and without a 4G LTE network in place. Now it’s hoping the MetroPCS hook-up will finally help it keep pace with Sprint, as both companies squint to see Verizon and AT&T speeding off in the distance.

All that focus on finding a corporate suitor has apparently resulted in a complete void in T-Mobile’s customer service department, as our pages are littered with completes about utter ineptitude from T-Mobile. There’s the customer who was told that being thousands of miles outside the U.S. and in a completely different country doesn’t qualify as “overseas”; the phone contract that was re-upped after T-Mobile had promised not to; the chat customer service that counts down the minutes until it disconnects you; and the man threatened with being sent to collections because he shares a name with a T-Mobile customer, among many other stories.

While you’re on hold waiting for someone to ignore you, ya might as well vote.


This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2013 series. The companies competing for this honor were chosen by you, the readers. See the entire WCIA 2013 bracket HERE.

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