Lawsuit: NYC’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art Misleads Visitors Into Paying High ‘Suggested’ Admission Price

When you ask for a ticket at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, you get charged $25. Because that’s the admission price, right? Not so fast! As the fine print says, it’s actually a “suggested donation.” You have to pay something, but that “something” could be a penny that you found on the sidewalk. Upset at this, two museum-goers have filed a class action lawsuit accusing the museum of misleading the public.

The policy has been in place since 1970. It’s intended to raise a little money (admission fees bring in only 11% of the museum’s revenue) without shutting out people who can afford a subway ride, but not a $25 ticket.

What are the plaintiffs so upset about? The lawsuit’s goal is to compensate museum guests who have plopped down their credit cards for “one admission, please” over the years without knowing that they technically overpaid by $24.99.

NYC’s Met Museum accused of duping on fees [AP] (via Gawker)

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