When You’re Getting Kicked Out Of Family Dollar, Don’t Ask Your 7-Year-Old To Pepper Spray The Employees

If you’re banned from a retail store, it’s probably best to avoid making a return visit. It’s certainly not a good idea to bring along your young children when you do pop by, and it’s definitely ill-advised to ask one of those children to use pepper spray on that store’s employees.

And yet, the Philadelphia Daily News writes that this is exactly what a local mom-of-the-year did earlier this week when she was caught visiting a Family Dollar store where she’d been banned over theft allegations.

On Monday afternoon, police say employees spotted the woman in the shop, along with her two kids, and asked her to leave.

“She started to walk away and then pulled out a pepper-spray can, turned toward the two victims and sprayed them both in the face,” says an officer.

Even though the manager wrestled the woman to the ground, she allegedly continued her attempts at pepper-spraying the staff. Then police say she handed off her can of spray to her 7-year-old daughter and told her, “‘You know what to do, baby. Spray it!'”

Thankfully, the youngster chose not to use the pepper spray and the presumably red-eyed employees were able to control the mom until police arrived.

The mother was charged with simple assault, possession of a controlled substance and related offenses.

“She deserves to have kids like the man in the moon deserves to have kids,” the officer tells the News. “These kids don’t have a shot with a mom like that.”

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