Waste Not, Want Not: Montana Measure Will Allow Residents To Eat Roadkill

Get the elk marinade ready and leave your judgments at the car door, everybody. The state of Montana is not a fan of waste, and is set to allow its residents to salvage roadkill for food. If citizens can scrape it, they can eat it. And we’re not talking your usual squirrels and possums, big-game like elk, deer, antelope and moose could all be a part of the roadkill menu.

State lawmakers are thisclose to giving the go-ahead to residents after the Senate bestowed its initial approval on a bill covering roadkill as food. Now it’s up for a final vote and then on to Gov. Steve Bullock, reports the Associated Press.

Supporters of the bill are of the same mind as my grandma: Waste not, want not. Why let that meat sit there on the road when it could be cooked up and enjoyed?

“It really is a sin to waste a good meat,” said state Sen. Larry Jent.

Residents won’t be able to drive around aiming for animals on the roads (which would be ridiculously unsafe for drivers as well), but would have to get a permit from law-enforcement first to remove the carcasses from roadways. Other animals like those with fur and game birds aren’t included in the measure.

We know what you’re thinking — but is it safe? And also, yuck, kinda?

One lawmaker says law-enforcement folk aren’t qualified to decide if the meat would be safe to eat.

“Despite its good intention, it doesn’t pass the smell test for me,” said Sen. Kendall Van Dyk.

Other states have similar programs, including Illinois and Alaska, with various rules and regulations regarding which kinds of animals can be salvaged, and how.

The Montana proposal would rely on the state’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency to figure out how the roadkill is actually salvaged.

A shovel comes to mind, but what do we know?

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