The Difference Between Family Size And Party Size Doritos: One Ounce

Have a family party? Buy both

Having a family party? Buy both

Grocery shopping recently, reader Joseph noticed something interesting: there were two different types of Doritos bags on the shelf that were very close in size, but the same price. The Grocery Shrink Ray is nothing new, but the bags came in two varieties: the positively economical seventeen-ounce “Family Size,” then the small and portable sixteen-ounce “Party Size.” Wait, what?

A serving of Doritos, for nutrition-label purposes, is one ounce, or about a dozen chips. This means that the “party size” provides thirty-two six-chip handfuls of chips to your orange-fingered party guests. It also provides just under three separate servings to each of Joseph’s six family members.

We don’t know what it actually means. It’s just sad to see proof that whether it’s meant for a family or for a party, these labels have no basis in reality.

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