Would You Pay A Hotel To Tell You It’s Time For Bed?

You’ve had a busy day, you’re tired — why don’t you just shut that phone off, climb into your PJs and get yourself tucked in to bed, mister. Not everyone has a mom around to send them to bed, especially when you’re sleeping away from home, but you can pay to stay at one New York City hotel in order to get the services of a “sleep concierge.”

Along with a pillow menu featuring a choice of 12 pillows at no extra cost, the Benjamin Hotel offers extras like sleep-inducing noise machines and a bedtime snack of peanut butter and jelly to help wing you on your way to dreamland, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Then there’s the opposite of a “wake-up call,” a complimentary “work-down call”: It involves a sleep concierge calling you at a preordained time to remind you it’s time to brush your teeth, set aside work for the day and whatever else you need to do to get ready for bed.

“We advise our guests to shut down all electronic devices and just unwind about an hour before you go to bed. That way you are guaranteed to get some rest,” said the head of the hotel’s sleep concierge team. “If you don’t get the proper amount of sleep, you are not going to be able to function.”

The good news is that most of these services are complimentary for paying hotel guests, including the work-down call and pillow choices. Other items like that PB&J can be sent up upon request for a fee.

We know you’re an adult and all, but would you choose a hotel that has such sleepy-time services over a regular hotel?

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