When Your Coupon Gets Rejected, Don’t Pull A Gun On Walmart Staff

We know that some people like coupons and take their use very seriously, but don’t take things to extremes. For example, there’s the Florida woman who was so enraged that her local Walmart wouldn’t take a coupon that she printed out online that she rammed a manager with a cart, then retrieved her handgun from her car and threatened employees with it.

The manager followed the customer out the door, despite more obscene insults, and told the customer that she would be calling the authorities. “If you follow me, I have something in my car for you,” she told the employees standing at the door. That “something” was her Smith & Wesson handgun, which she waved while it was still holstered, then unholstered and pointed at the Walmart employees. She then drove off.

The whole time, the manager had been on the phone with police, who apprehended her in a traffic stop and arrested her. She’s been charged with one count of battery (for the shopping cart injury) and four counts of assault with a deadly weapon for pointing her gun at the Walmart staffers. She was licensed to own the handgun, and for concealed carry.

The police report doesn’t say what the customer was trying to buy, but the coupon had been printed out at home. If the coupon was for a free item with no purchase required, the cashier was correct, according to Walmart’s own coupon policies. If it was for $1 off her purchase, then the customer would have been correct. They should have accepted the coupon, and no one would have been arrested.

It would have been a much better idea to arm herself with various stores’ coupon policies in her car as well as her gun.

Coupon Rejected, Walmart Shopper Pulled Out Gun [The Smoking Gun] (Thanks, Dee!)

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