Southwest Airlines Mails Lost Phone, Provides Outstanding Service And Terrible Poetry

Image courtesy of With much luv

With much luv

With much luv

Jane’s husband left his mobile phone behind on a Southwest Airlines plane. Oh, no! How sad! He had every reason to expect not to see it again, but someone turned it in to Lost and Found. The kind souls at Southwest mailed it back to him, enclosing a poem. We’re not saying that it was a good poem, but it’s certainly a thoughtful one.

Jane writes:

We recently traveled on Southwest Airline, and when we arrived at our destination, my husband realized that his cell phone was missing. After a while it turned up at Southwest’s Lost and Found, and he arranged to have it mailed home. When it arrived, the attached poem was tucked into the package. The writer of the poem is definitely NOT in line to be a future Poet Laureate, but it’s the thought that counts, right? What other airline would do this?

For the benefit of mobile device users and vision-impaired readers, here’s the text of the poem:

It’s always sad when something’s lost when what is yours is gone
And the hope that it will soon be found is what keeps you going on
And it’s especially sad when was was lost simply cannot be replaced
And the sorrow felt when this occurs sometimes cannot be erased
Well hope no more and start to smile for what you lost was found
And it’s with much luv that it’s returned to the style for which we’re renowned
And we’d be remiss if we didn’t say in one loud voice
We hope for your future travels, we are your choice.

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