Wegmans And King Arthur Recall Flour Due To Infestation Of Blue Balls

Image courtesy of (King Arthur)

(King Arthur)

(King Arthur)

Wegmans, the Rochester, N.Y.-based chain that serves as the Platonic ideal of what a grocery store should be, currently has two recalls going. First came a recall of their in-store bread products, and now they’ve recalled bags of flour that may contain little blue balls.

The balls might be in five-pound bags of all-purpose white flour, and come from the sifting equipment. They’re under half an inch in diameter and bright blue, Wegmans notes on their recall page, so they “would be easily seen in the flour.” The affected flour was sold between December 24th and February 15th.

Update: King Arthur flours evidently use the same supplier and have the exact same recall going for their 5-pound bags of all-purpose and bread flour. This may turn into a wide-ranging recall showing the terrifying interconnectedness of our food system, much like the Great Peanut Butter Recall of 2012.

The bread recall is wider, but doesn’t lend itself to as many dirty jokes. The flour that Wegmans used may contain tiny pieces of wire mesh, which are harder to spot than bright blue balls. Bread products were sold between February 1st and February 13th.

Customers can return any recalled items to Wegmans stores for a full refund, and call 855-934-3663 on weekdays between 8am-5pm (ask for Consumer Affairs) with any questions.

King Arthur customers can return products to the store where they were purchased for a full refund, and should call 866-797-9178 on weekdays from 9am-6pm if they have any questions.

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