Philadelphia Restaurant Wants Horse On The Menu Since That’s Going Over So Well In Europe

While our European brethren are in the midst of a full-on horsemeat freak out, here in the States we’re probably safe from accidentally ingesting horse in the guise of beef. But one Philadelphia restaurant thinks people would love a bite of equine fare and is aiming to add horse to the menu. On purpose.

While Congress lifted a ban on funding for the inspection of horse slaughterhouses somewhat recently, horses can still be exported to other countries like Canada and slaughtered. The meat can then be imported back to the United States, which would work out perfectly for the chefs at the Philadelphia eatery with plans for horse items.

CBS Philadelphia says the chefs chowed down on horse in Italy, where it’s totally cool to eat the stuff as long as it’s not disguised as something else, so they want their customers to have the same culinary experience.

One chef tells CBS  he’s got ideas going already for what he wants to offer.

“I plan to try to introduce it in smaller portions, like in an appetizer and/or pasta dish,” he says. “I think it will be a little more acceptable to have a small piece of it as opposed to a great T-bone of horse meat.”

So what if everyone gets upset and lifts their noses at the stuff? He says he’ll just take it off the menu if the reception is less than warm.

What about you?

Philadelphia Restaurant Serving Up Something Different [CBS Philadelphia]

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