Warning: Do Not Store Your Glock And Ammo In The Oven

Sure, the oven seems like an ideal place to stash your handgun: it’s out of sight, but easily accessible in an emergency, and it’s not the first place an intruder would think to look for guns. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why this isn’t a common practice. Ovens get hot. That’s how a Florida woman got shot by the oven while making some waffles at a friend’s house.

The gun itself was stored in what I call “the cookie sheet drawer” that’s part of the oven, but the owner stashed the magazine in the oven itself. When his visitor preheated it to make waffles, one of the bullets exploded, flinging shell casings into her skin. her injuries were not serious.

The gun’s owner wasn’t charged with anything, since he holds a concealed weapons permit. Not, however, a “weapon concealed in kitchen appliance” permit.

Mythbusters notably tested the safety of heat and bullets, but they were out to prove that you shouldn’t throw bullets in a campfire.

Woman shot by oven while trying to cook waffles [NBC] (via The On1on – not a typo)

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