Walmart Worker Treated Store Shelves As Personal Snack Pantry For 4 Years

Image courtesy of (strobist)

Most workers like to take a break in the middle of their work day and have a meal or a snack. That’s a nice idea, as long as it’s your break time. You’re not supposed to help yourself to snack food from the shelves of the retailer where you work, but a woman who has worked in maintenance at Walmart stores in two different states has been caught after a seven-year on-the-job crime spree. Now she’s been charged with a felony after getting caught on camera munching Oreos.

It all began in Arizona, where she began working nights on the maintenance crew. She claims that at her pay level ($11.40 an hour), she couldn’t afford snacks like cookies, chips, and gum, so she would take them off the shelves and snack. When she moved to Indiana last year, she stayed with the company and continued the practice. Until loss-prevention staff caught her on camera with a package of Oreos, and she admitted years of similar snack thefts.

Local media have dubbed the 63-year-old the “Oreo Grandma.” She could face jail time if convicted.

It’s easy to snicker at a story like this and feel bad for a senior citizen who just wanted some Oreos, but American retailers lose billions of dollars to employee theft each year.

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