Best Buy Changing Its Return Policy From 30 Days To 15 Days

Is Best Buy's return policy about to be trimmed in half?

Is Best Buy’s return policy about to be trimmed in half?

UPDATE: Documents provided to Consumerist by Best Buy insiders confirms this policy change. Click for details.

We’ve now heard from two separate sources at Best Buy that the electronics retailer is going to cut its existing 30-day return policy in half to only 15 days.

According to one source, this policy change is going to go into effect on March 3.

When reached by Consumerist, a rep at Best Buy HQ responded, “We recently extended our price match policy through March 2, 2013, the return and exchange policy remains the same.”

At this point, we can only call this story a rumor, as we’ve yet to see documentation of this alleged policy change.

UPDATE: One tipster tells us that all store general managers were informed of this upcoming change earlier this week. At this point, the folks at Best Buy HQ are not commenting.

We have now heard from numerous people in a position of authority at Best Buy stores to say that this story, while not confirmed by Best Buy HQ, appears to have some truth to it.

Additionally, multiple sources are saying that Best Buy will also be dropping its post-purchase price-matching policy on March 3, which would mesh perfectly with the statement given earlier by Best Buy HQ (NOTE: We never asked Best Buy about price-matching, so we were confused why that was in the company’s response. Now it makes more sense.)

If any other Best Buy insiders have more information on this story, feel free to let us know by shooting us an e-mail at All tipsters’ confidentiality will be respected and no one will ever be identified publicly.

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