Man In Car Stuck Going 125 MPH Suffers Two Seizures, Still Manages To Coast To Safety

So you’re stuck in a car speeding at about 125 mph with no brakes. That’s already a tough scenario, but for one man who just wanted to drive to the supermarket near his home, things got a lot worse. He’s epileptic and suffered two seizures while racing through France. But he still managed to call cops for help and ended up safely in Belgium.

The Guardian says the 36-year-old man drive a Renault Laguna, which had adapted controls for disabled drivers so he could manage the brakes and gas from the steering wheel.

Something went amiss on his way to the store, however, and his car jammed at 60 mph. When he tried to hit the brakes the car would do the opposite of what he wanted and ended up accelerating to 125 mph and sticking there.

As he sped past other drivers, he was able to call for help and police were soon chasing his car. He was unable to pull over until cops escorted him about 125 miles until his car ran out of gas over the Belgian border.

The universe had a bit of joke in play as well — he coasted to a stop in a ditch outside the town of La Panne, notes the Independent, which is French for “breakdown.”

While stuck in the car, he suffered two epileptic seizures but was otherwise unhurt.

“It is a miracle that I survived. There is no other word,” he said. “Whatever happens, I am never going back in that car.”

His lawyer says he’s going to file a legal complaint against Renault for “endangerment of a person’s life, ” but Renault checked the car and said everything was working fine on it.

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