Times Square Spider-Man Says He Hit Woman After She Didn’t Tip, Pelted Him With A Snowball

Seeing people dressed up as cartoon or comic book characters in NYC’s Times Square is an every day event. But for those inside the outfits, it’s not all fun and games, it’s about making a living by posing with fans for a little cash. Which is why, said one Spider-Man busted by cops yesterday, he had to hit a woman who he says refused to tip him. He’s also calling it self-defense, because she hit him with a snowball.

Prosecutors say the Spider-Man posed for pictures with the woman’s kids, but  then said, “Sorry I don’t have any [money]” when time came for a tip, reports the New York Post.

His response, “You’re crap,” said the District Attorney. Both sides agree that the woman then made a snowball and beaned him with it. It’s unclear when or how he hit the woman, but his lawyer says this is self-defense because of the snowball assault.

“The complaining witness made contact with my client,” the defense lawyer said.

Cops arrived on the scene yesterday and reportedly stopped the woman’s husband from pounding on the Spider-Man with a backpack. He was then arrested, which other buskers say reflects poorly on the community.

“Getting arrested isn’t good for any of us,” said a Times Square worker who dresses as Big Bird. “It makes us all look bad.”

The Spider-Man in question was  released without having to post bail after he was charged with assault and harassment.

While hurting a customer is unacceptable, it’s always nice to tip anyone who provides you with a service you’ve enjoyed. Like we mentioned, most costumed characters you encounter on the street aren’t out there just for the fun of it and would expect some kind of compensation for posing in a photo. Most.

‘Spidey’ claims self-defense after allegedly hitting woman in Times Square [New York Post]

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