My Advanced New Self-Cleaning Oven Needs A Lot Of Help To Clean Itself

In for more cleaning.

In for more cleaning.

Susan’s new Kitchenaid gas range is pretty nice, but she writes that exciting advancements in self-cleaning oven technology aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Whirlpool’s Aqualift self-cleaning system seemed to be a technological advance comparable to see-through dishwashers, but she reports that her oven only cleans the bottom center, and not the sides or the corners. You know, the parts that you want your self-cleaning oven to take care of for you.

Update: Sears saved the day!

She writes:

I have a 30 day old Kitchen Aid convection gas range. Love how it cooks.

HOWEVER, their “Aqualift” cleaning technology is a rip AND entirely misleading.

If you think you’re getting a cool new oven with cool new cleaning technology, THINK AGAIN!

It does a lovely job of cleaning the bottom center of the oven, But NO cleaning around the perimeter OR the side walls.

So… every time you want to clean your cool new oven, you’ll be scrubbing it yourself!!!

We asked Susan to send along some photos, and she obliged.





The attached photos show the interior of the oven, which went from clean/new to this after cooking 1 time at a high temperature (chicken) – and AFTER 2 cleaning cycles.

Whirlpool/Kitchen Aid advised using their cleaning product, “Affresh”. It took me 1/2 hour to rub out about 5 inches of stain using that product.

Unbelievable that my ancient Whirlpool bottom-of-the-line oven, with the old high temp cleaning system, required only a damp cloth wipe afterwards, and went to the recycling dump cleaner than my new oven is today!

That’s very sad, especially if the oven cooks beautifully. The whole point of self-cleaning ovens was supposed to be that we wouldn’t have to spray stuff inside and spend hours scrubbing. If it’s any comfort, appliances don’t seem to last very long these days, so Susan will be shopping for a new range before she even knows it!

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