Here Is Every Piece Of Junk Mail AT&T U-Verse Sent Me In 2012

(Courtesy of Kevin)

(Courtesy of Kevin)

It takes a while, but eventually the universe catches up with you and punishes you for your misdeeds. Maybe. In a previous job, Kevin designed direct mail for AT&T. Now he just gets an awful lot of it.

Well, okay having a job isn’t a misdeed: even working in direct-mail advertising isn’t morally wrong. Instead of writing or calling them to ask to be taken off the mailing list, he just quietly piled them up for one glorious end-of-the-year compilation.

“We have our mobile devices and home DSL with AT&T,” Kevin writes, “but do not have or want traditional pay TV, and have told them so.” As far as AT&T is concerned, his household could change their minds any week now, and they need to be ready. Which is why they sent him forty-five pieces of mail last year, plus two door-hanger ads.

As a former mailing designer, he points out that the mailings had twenty-five different designs.

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