If You’re Unhappy With Your Onion Rings, Don’t Slam Your Tray Into Burger King Employee’s Face

Of all the things in the world that might be worth getting into a physical altercation over, Burger King onion rings are pretty far down the list for most people. Apparently that’s not the case for one couple in South Carolina.

According to the Times & Democrat, the couple went into the BK in Santee, SC, last week. The female customer requested that her onion rings not come from from the food warmer for fear they would be cold.

The employee tried to allay her worries, saying he’d never serve cold onion rings. This was apparently not sufficient for the woman, who reiterated her desire for fresh, hot onion rings, leading the employee to say again that he would never serve a customer cold rings.

This is, according to the report, the point at which the male customer asked the employee to not disrespect his girlfriend.

When the employee asked the woman if he had indeed been showing disrespect, the male customer allegedly used a food tray to demonstrate his peculiar notion of proper public behavior, taking the tray and hitting the BK worker in the head with it and breaking the employee’s glasses.

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