30 Rock Gets In One Last Comcast Dig Before Going Off The Air

The final episode of 30 Rock aired on NBC last night, and whether you enjoyed the series or not (we did), you had to admire how it was never afraid of biting the hands that fed it for seven seasons.

From the start, 30 Rock constantly mocked NBC’s low ratings and questionable programming decisions, GE’s appliances and antiquated corporate culture. And after NBC was purchased by Comcast, the show openly disparaged Comcast with the thinly veiled stand-in of Kabletown.

For those that didn’t see it [possible spoiler here, though not really], at the beginning of the show’s final hour, Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy is demonstrating his authority as the new Kabletown CEO by telling the other company execs that he’s moved all of Kabletown’s customer service call centers to a part of India where there are no phones.

“We’re now providing the same level of service to our subscribers,” he declares, “at zero the cost.”

He also diagrams a new vision for Kabletown’s corporate strategy, which may or may not be an improvement, depending on your love of cute kitten photos.

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