Apple’s Stupid Shipping Gang Sends 93 iPads To Same Recipient In Separate Boxes

ipadsEveryone at Phil’s office is mad at Apple’s shipping department right now. Well, Phil’s fingers are, their Fedex guy is, and whoever takes out their trash is. That’s because when his company bought 93 engraved iPads, Apple channeled the Stupid Shipping Gang and packaged up each one in a separate box.

Sorry, 91 iPads. Because two are still missing. They do know that those two missing ones are in separate boxes, though, so that’s something.



Phil (who is not the Phil who used to work here) writes:

We ordered 93 iPad minis with a personalized engraving on each of them, and all of them came in separate boxes! I took an hour just to unpack them, and it turns out we’re still waiting for two. So now I had to go through each box, check the tracking number against the list of tracking numbers that was given, and make sure that the two we are missing are still in transit (thankfully, they are).

You think that Apple would do better for the environment and send them in bulk? It’s a win-win for them (less money to ship), Fedex (the guy won’t hate us when delivering them), and me (my fingers hate me right now)


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