More Nexus 4 Phones Plummet To The Ground, Smash Themselves

Image courtesy of Nexus 4 gravitational field

Nexus 4 gravitational field

Nexus 4 gravitational field

Google is always innovating. They’ve brought us the beginnings of a consumer fiber network, smart glasses, driverless cars, and even bringing donkeys back to life. One little-known Google project is the Nexus 4 smartphone, which is unlocked, shiny, and comes with its own field of gravity that pulls it to the ground, violating all known laws of physics. Or so our readers tell us.

It gets worse, though. Since our last post on the topic, we’ve seen a few reports of the glass back of a Nexus 4 shattering without any impact at all, or so the owners claim.

Kevin writes:

While I too fully understand the reason behind corporate policy of not issuing replacement devices to any comer, I’m completely baffled by this experience I’ve had with Google. I adore the company and what they stand for, but each interaction with this purchase has been an upswing of pleasure followed by a downswing of disappointment. It started with the thrill of finally purchasing a Nexus, only to find that it wouldn’t ship for weeks. I was ecstatic when it arrived and every function just flowed like water, but then slumped when I realized that my call quality sucked and that the meager battery life made its use limited… etc. etc.

So, now that felt the abyss having looked at my cracked brick of a phone, I’m waiting for a little resuscitation and some acknowledgement on Google & LG’s part that their engineering was deficient. I’m hoping that enough people will yet band together and get these companies to defray the charges for replacing that screen.

Jovan also grumbles:

Ordered the Nexus 4 and waited 2 months to get it, only for the screen to break after a week. The phone dropped from barely a foot and a sharp crack went down the center and now I can no longer use it. Of course this is not covered through Google’s warranty. What a waste of 300+.

Steve’s phone fell on some carpet, and the screen shattered.

I had it for a month. Today it slipped. Out of my pocket onto a carpeted floor (approx a 2.5 ft fall.)
I even had a bumper case on it.

Isn’t that the point of bumper cases?

What’s the answer here? We don’t know. We’ve been hearing from Nexus owners from all over the world who have dropped their phones from heights both high and tiny, and who claim that the phones managed to drop themselves somehow. We want to make sure that people with broken phones know that they’re not alone, that they’re (probably) not exceptionally clumsy, and that other customers are trying to make LG and Google take responsibility for this design flaw.

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