No, That’s Not A Cyborg — It’s Sergey Brin Riding The NYC Subway Rails Wearing Google Glass

While Star Trek: Next Generation actor LeVar Burton is no doubt waiting to take the Google Glass specs for a spin, it seems like for now Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin has taken it upon himself to test them out. He was snapped wearing the eyewear in the wild while cruising on the 3 train in New York City.

The fellow rider who caught the moment on camera and subsequently tweeted it just so happens to be a “wearable computing enthusiast,” notes Mashable, so fancy his surprise when he spotted Brin with Google Glass on his face. He tweeted out the photo shortly afterward, saying the meeting was a coincidence even though they’re both into the same stuff.

These specs have been in the works for a while now. Back in April Google debuted the eyewear on its Project Glass page, but seeing them in real life in an everyday way is still probably a bit in the future.

Google Glass functions sort of as a hands-free Google experience that is meant to transform the average person’s world while they experience it. For example, if you’re walking up to a subway station and it happens to be closed, Google Glass would alert you to that fact and suggest alternate transportation.

GigaOm points out that this sleek version has come a long way from Google’s initial prototypes thanks to its tiny batteries. An earlier iteration of Google Glass showed a clunky version that required the wearer to don a backpack full of batteries just to power the device. We doubt Brin would be down with that configuration.

Although Google bigwigs might be sporting the specs, don’t hold your breath just yet if you’d like to own a pair. As Business Insider notes, Google Glass has some challenges to face before it can get these things to market and be a success. For example if they’re too pricy, the average consumer probably won’t invest in them, even if they’re super cool

And what if someone steals them right off your face? The ease with which potential thieves could identify you as a target for electronic robbery could be a turnoff for many potential users. It’s easy enough to be so distracted by your smartphone that you don’t even notice a threat.

Google Glass would be kinda like walking around with a sign above your head saying, “Steal my pricy piece of equipment, I probably won’t even see you coming!”

All that being said, we look forward to the chance when someday we can wear Google Glass along with our pal LeVar Burton. So if you need any more testers, Sergey, you know where to find us.

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