McDonald’s Apparently Hitching Its Wagon To A Star Made Of Fish McBites

(McDonald's wants you to want these)

(McDonald’s wants you to want these)

How do you keep profits from sinking? With buckets of fried fish bites, if you’re McDonald’s and looking for a quick boost to the menu. The company is reportedly angling for its Fish McBites to take on the role of sales star after the McRib performed that task last quarter.

The fish tidbits will come in three sizes (Snack, Regular and Shareable) and will include the same Alaskan pollock that’s in the Filet-O-Fish, and will be released as a limited-time menu addition in February.

Other items in the works to fight of competitors and bolster sales figures include new burgers, chicken entrees and breakfast offerings that are performing well in test markets, according to the Associated Press.

Between October and December the Dollar Menu and the McRib’s marketing blitz helped the chain nab a higher profit, and the company is gearing up to make sure those numbers stay up.

“By no means do we think 2013 is going to be an easy year,” said CEO Don Thompson.

And as everyone knows, bite-sized fried fish pieces are known to pave the way for a smoother year. Well and also the chain will continue to remodel some locations and extend store hours worldwide.

Due to the success of bringing out limited-time offerings like the McRib or these yet-to-be-judged Fish McBites, keep your eye out for popular items coming back to the menu more than once a year. Giving the people what they want seems to be McD’s order of business these days.

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