I Use Facebook To Check On My Monitor Repair, Samsung Just Goes Ahead And Sends Me Better One

Graeme has two Samsung monitors, and has had them repaired under warranty a few times. Two years into his three-year warranty, he sent a monitor that snapped off its stand in for repair. Not terribly worried, he checked in on it using Facebook. Samsung took this as an indication that he was unhappy, and should be sent a larger, newer, better monitor.

For years, I’ve been using 2 Samsung SyncMaster 204Bs. A couple of times they’ve broken and I’ve sent them into Samsung under warranty – they’ve always replaced them without any problems or arguments, and given me a new extended warranty. The last monitor I signed in for repair I ended up with a 3 year warranty.

2 years into the warranty, the actual monitor broke off the stand that holds it. So I contacted Samsung, they paid for the shipping and I sent it off. It arrived at their offices on January 9th.

When I went to check the ticket status on Jan 11, I was getting an error on their website. So I contacted their customer support via Facebook just to check it was received okay and was being worked on. They confirmed this.

January 15th, they messaged me to let me know that they needed to order out for a special part, so it would be at least an additional week. No problem – I was happy that they had messaged me with an update, rather than me having to checking.

Today, January 22nd, I sent them a message on Facebook just to ask the status. I’m heading away on vacation next week, so I wanted to check with them to see if it would be arriving next week – if so, I would have to make preparations for someone to be at my house to collect the monitor. They responded within 20 minutes, and told me they’d look into it.

About an hour, I received a telephone call which went something like this:

Samsung: I understand that you sent your monitor on for repair, and have been waiting a really long time for the monitor to come back.”

Me: Well, not really – I sent it in about 2 weeks ago. They had to wait for a part to be ordered in so it’s really no problem.

Samsung: And I understand that you haven’t been getting responses from customer service?

Me: Actually, customer service has been great – the ticket wasn’t working but I contacted via Facebook and they’ve kept me up to date.

Samsung: Well, I don’t like having unhappy customers, so I’m going to resolve you for this right now, on this very telephone call.

The whole thing amused me because I really wasn’t unhappy – I’ve been more than satisfied with the responses. But sure enough – the employee I was talking to told me she was going to give me a bigger, better monitor then gave me a model number to check on the Samsung website. She told me to look through the specs and take as long as I wanted and she’d wait. So I took a few minutes examining and was happy – it was a great monitor and bigger than the one I sent in for repair.

An hour later and I’ve been notified that the monitor has been shipped. I’m someone that always believes in brand loyalty – if I’m personally happy with the product, and I’ve had great experiences with customer support then I’ll usually always buy from that company. Practically every computer peripheral I own is Logitech for example.

Now when it comes to monitors & TVs, I’ll always be looking at Samsung first.

Excellent! That’s how you get customer loyalty. Well, that, or they actually couldn’t get the part or broke his monitor, but the end result is still a happy customer. Well done, Mr. Kim.

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