Annie’s Frozen Pizzas Recalled Since Metal Shards Aren’t The Tastiest Topping



Pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, sausage, heck, we’ll even take some anchovies on my pizza over say, a crunchy metal shard. Annie’s is issuing a recall of its Annie’s Homegrown Frozen Pizza because it’s possible that a few varieties could have fragments of “flexible metal mesh.” Apparently a faulty screen at third-party flour mill is to blame for this extraneous topping.

The Food and Drug Administration announced the recall via a press release, noting that affected products are sold pretty much throughout the U.S. at all kinds of grocery and natural food stores.

According to Annie’s, the bits of metal were found in flour and pizza dough after a failure at the mill. They were reportedly too small to be detected by the usual metal controls like magnets and metal detectors. No pieces have actually been found in the products but Annie’s is operating on the “better safe than sorry” principle our grandparents instilled in all of us.

Check your freezer for any variety of Annie’s Rising Frozen Crust Pizza with a best by date including and between January 9, 2013 and September 4, 2013.

Below are the recalled products and their UPC codes for customers to check against:

Organic Four Cheese Pizza, 23.5 oz UPC 013562 200016
Organic Pepperoni Pizza, 23.6 oz UPC 013562 200009
Organic Supreme Pizza, 25.4 oz UPC 013562 200023
Organic Spinach and Mushroom Pizza, 25.0 oz UPC 013562 200054
Four Cheese Pizza, 22.5 oz UPC 013562 200078
Pepperoni Pizza, 22.6 oz UPC 013562 200061
BBQ Recipe Chicken Pizza, 23.1 oz UPC 013562 200092

Annie’s says any customer with the product can return it to where it was purchased for a full refund, and call the company at 1-888-825-6720 between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. PT or visit for more information or any questions.

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