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General Mills Acquires Annie’s Homegrown Foods, Bunny Mascots

General Mills Acquires Annie’s Homegrown Foods, Bunny Mascots

Annie’s is a 25-year-old company based in Berkeley, California that has its organic products everywhere from the shelves of health food stores to the checkout of Target. General Mills is 158-year-old company based in the Minneapolis area that owns familiar American brands like Cheerios cereal and Green Giant frozen vegetables. These companies are getting hitched, thanks to their shared love of the growing organic food market and money. [More]


Annie’s Frozen Pizzas Recalled Since Metal Shards Aren’t The Tastiest Topping

Pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, sausage, heck, we’ll even take some anchovies on my pizza over say, a crunchy metal shard. Annie’s is issuing a recall of its Annie’s Homegrown Frozen Pizza because it’s possible that a few varieties could have fragments of “flexible metal mesh.” Apparently a faulty screen at third-party flour mill is to blame for this extraneous topping. [More]