Sleeping In This Guy’s Car For $1,800/Night Might Be A Better Deal Than Other Super Bowl Rentals

We would not be shocked if someone took this person up on their offer to rent out their Subaru for $1,800/night.

We would not be shocked if someone took this person up on their offer to rent out their Subaru for $1,800/night.

Though this year’s Super Bowl is irrelevant because of its lack of Eagles, there are apparently still enough people out there who want to attend the festivities that the illegal short-term lease market is booming in New Orleans.

In what we’re going to assume is a joke listing, someone has offered up the interior of their 2008 Subaru for people to stay in during the big game — all for the attractive rate of $1,800/night.

Because this car — which “sleeps 4 or 5, boasts cloth interior seats, CD player and 2 cig lighters. 4 doors for easy in and out — is located in the French Quarter, the owner is pushing it as a viable option for people who are considering looking far outside of New Orleans for a place to stay:

“No communiting to and from Kenner my friend!,” reads the ad. “The fun starts, stops, starts and stops here…in the comfort of my car!

“Parked in front of my awesome place in the scenic French Quarter, just a short stumble to the Superdome and within crawling distance back from Bourbon!”

Keep in mind, the $1,800/night rate does not include use of the car as a moving vehicle. After all, the owner still needs to use it to take his friend’s dogs to the vet.

“Just call me at night when you are ready to hit the hay and I will let you know where your bed is parked that night and come let you in!!” he writes. “I cant [sic] leave you the keys but I will come out at about 7 or 8 am every morning and let it run so you can get warmed up before I head off to work. If I can not wake you up then you will probably be going to work with me… It is okay if you sleep in the parking lot at work too. Just no peeing where the guards can see you.”

As we said, we believe — and sincerely hope — this is just a joke. But looking around at other short-term rentals in the city, we wouldn’t be shocked if someone actually took the Subaru owner up on his offer.

The Best of New Orleans Gambit column has an in-depth look at illegal short-term rentals, many of which will cost you an awful lot more than what you’d pay to sleep in this dude’s car.

If you’re a bargain-hunter, for $2,000 you can rent the house of a former model accused of raping two teenage girls. What’s the catch? He’ll apparently be in the house with you since he’s under house arrest while awaiting trial on those charges.

Then there’s the luxury penthouse — featured on House Hunters, so you know somebody at one point grimaced and said the phrase, “This isn’t really our style” while complaining about the lack of granite counter tops — is renting for $6,800/night and requires a $34,000 security deposit.

And in spite of the fact that it’s probably illegal, a Tulane law professor appears to have listed her home at $10,000 for the weekend — maid service included.

“I’ve been hearing my neighbors over on my side of town who are being offered $35,000 for their house for five days,” the president of the Professional Innkeepers Association of New Orleans tells Gambit. “Some of them are taking it and some of them are not.”

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