If You’re Paying A Court Fee, It’s Probably A Bad Idea To Use Counterfeit Cash

When you’re already in trouble with the law — and also standing in a building that’s likely full of law enforcement officers — it’s generally considered a not-so-good time to try to pass counterfeit bills.

And yet, that’s exactly what one Massachusetts man stands accused of doing.

According to the Boston Globe, the man — facing charges of operating a vehicle without a license — was at the Brighton District Court the other day. He handed the clerk two $100 bills, a pair of $20 bills and one $10 note.

But when the clerk performed a test on the cash, it all turned out to as valuable as the pictures of money your kids drew with the crayons you gave them for the holidays.

The clerk alerted the police to the counterfeit cash and the man tried to make a break for it. But — referring back to the whole “building full of law enforcement” thing mentioned earlier — he didn’t get far. So now will be facing additional charges of possessing and passing counterfeit notes or bank bills.

Maybe he should have tried paying with those imitation 9/11 anniversary coins. At least they are legal tender in Liberia.

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