Netflix Bolsters Its Streaming Content In Time Warner Deal, Adds Cartoon Network & More

Netflix has managed to snap up quite a nice catch in a new deal with Time Warner — which in the past had been squirrelly about selling its content for streaming subscription services — wherein it will stream shows from Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. That means a lot of Cartoon Network, everybody. Start the applause.

Beginning on March 30, U.S. Netflix customers will be able to watch Adventure TimeJohnny BravoRobot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force as well as Green Lantern, reports CNN.

There’s also a part of the deal that includes a license for Dallas on TNT but it won’t be streaming until January 2014, so if you want to find out if this RJ is just having a dream or not, well you’ll have to wait, won’t you?

Time Warner had been hesitant about subscription services before, and instead threw its weight behind “TV Everywhere” which let users watch shows online by signing in with credentials to prove they paid for their regular TV service. The time has apparently come where both those ideas can coexist.

“The industry has evolved so that TV Everywhere and subscription video on-demand services can coexist with the appropriate windowing strategy,” Deborah Bradley, Turner’s senior vice president of program acquisitions, said in a written statement.

Windowing means making sure that content is released carefully and at a time that won’t cut into the revenue stream, and will instead enhance it. If you let it stream too soon, perhaps even for free, companies can lose out on a lot of advertising revenue right at first. If you let it simmer and release it after say, a few months after the season ends, you get  a whole new audience and thus, advertising opportunity.

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