BJ’s Apologizes For Crappy Pecan Pie That We Never Complained About

Sorry about the pie.

Sorry about the pie.

Jonathan’s family bought a pre-made pecan pie for one of the winter holidays…Christmas, Thanksgiving, something like that. He doesn’t even remember. The pie wasn’t all that great, but the family didn’t think to complain to BJ’s about it. They had other things to do during the holidays. So they were surprised when they received a coupon in the mail for a free replacement pie, along with a letter apologizing for the poor quality of the pecan pie.

Where did the letter come from? Their purchase history, of course.


I got this letter in the mail the other day out of nowhere. We bought a pecan pie I am guessing for either christmas or thanksgiving, I can’t remember, and it appears some people complained about its quality. I personally don’t know if it was good or not, I don’t like pecan pie, I remember my mother saying it was not good, but we never sent a complaint.

The letter states that their records showed we had bought the pie recently and apologized for the quality of the pie and included a coupon for a free apple pie, no other purchase required. That’s great customer service, being proactive when they know they sold an inferior product and doing something to fix it for everyone, not just those who took the time to send a complaint.

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