Couple Says Allstate Low-Balled Them On Sandy Insurance Claim, Then Used Their Home In An Ad

A Staten Island couple is already having more than a rough go of it after their house was devastated during Hurricane Sandy. But as they’re trying to pick up the pieces, they say their insurance company, Allstate, is not only low-balling their claim, but had the nerve to use their home in a TV ad bragging about its customer service. Oof.

The husband and wife tell the Staten Island Advance that Allstate has offered up $10,000 for the damage their home of 43 years sustained, but that amount doesn’t come close to cutting it.

They’re refusing to be lowballed, claiming that since wind felled their home, not the storm surge. If that’s the case, they’d be eligible for a higher payout.

So then there was that ad called “1,000 Thank You’s,” which the couple says they saw during Thanksgiving dinner.

“The commercial said how caring their agents are,” the woman told the Advance, “but they are not caring at all.”

Her husband told the New York Post he was disgusted by the spots.

“I said, look at the all the trouble we’re getting with Allstate and this is what they’re putting on TV. That was terrible,” he said.

An Allstate spokeswoman issued a statement regarding the couple’s claims, saying the company remains “in contact with this customer and continues to work with them regarding their claim.”

“Our commitment is always to settle claims fairly,” she said.

The company’s stance regarding the commercial? It’s all good:  “All Allstate commercials are produced in accordance with all applicable advertising laws.”

Perhaps a heads up would’ve been nice, before plastering the couple’s home all over the TV, eh?

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