If You Used iOS6’s “Do Not Disturb” Scheduling Function, It Won’t Turn Off Until Jan. 7



Ah, the sweet sound of silence. No phone calls coming in, no texts buzzbuzzing your phone — wait, why hasn’t he called? Is he EVER going to text? Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit unnerved about your quiet iPhones, iOS6 users, and if you scheduled its “Do Not Disturb” function to begin and end at a certain time, it’s probably still on and won’t turn off until you make it turn off.

Apple says there’s a bit of a bug affecting iOS6 right now, that will leave the Do Not Disturb function active on your phone until Jan. 7 unless you manually turn it off.

So even if you had it set to turn off at noon on Jan. 1, it didn’t. If you had it set to turn off in the next five minutes, it won’t. Unless you toggle the “off” yourself, Apple says on its Knowledge Base support site:

“Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013. Before this date, you should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.”

Not, “There’s a bug, we’re sorry!” but “Here’s what you have to do to fix something that’s wrong on our end with a workaround.”

Here’s how you find the scheduling feature and turn it off: Go to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb and switch Scheduled to Off.

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