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iPhone Feature Would Tell Friends Not To Bother Calling Because You’re Very Busy & Important

Have you ever had that awful feeling where your phone rings and you see it’s that one friend you haven’t talked to in a while, and although you do have a few minutes to chat it’s just not the time to get into a long, extended, “How’s your baaaaby?” discussion, you still feel awfully guilty hitting “Ignore”? Apple is looking to alleviate some of that guilt with a patent for an iPhone feature that would dissuade friends from calling you when you’re otherwise engaged. [More]


If You Used iOS6’s “Do Not Disturb” Scheduling Function, It Won’t Turn Off Until Jan. 7

Ah, the sweet sound of silence. No phone calls coming in, no texts buzzbuzzing your phone — wait, why hasn’t he called? Is he EVER going to text? Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit unnerved about your quiet iPhones, iOS6 users, and if you scheduled its “Do Not Disturb” function to begin and end at a certain time, it’s probably still on and won’t turn off until you make it turn off. [More]

Facebook To Simplify Privacy Policy

Facebook To Simplify Privacy Policy

Facebook has had a bad relationship with the whole “privacy” thing. Now the company says it will be toning down the legalese on its nearly 6,000-word privacy policy. [More]