If You Used iOS6’s “Do Not Disturb” Scheduling Function, It Won’t Turn Off Until Jan. 7

Ah, the sweet sound of silence. No phone calls coming in, no texts buzzbuzzing your phone — wait, why hasn’t he called? Is he EVER going to text? Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit unnerved about your quiet iPhones, iOS6 users, and if you scheduled its “Do Not Disturb” function to begin and end at a certain time, it’s probably still on and won’t turn off until you make it turn off. [More]

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Aussie Police Warn Against Using Apple Maps Lest You End Up Lost In The Wilderness

Apple hit a few bumps in the road a few months ago with its map application on the newest iteration of iOS, enough so that it suggested iPhone 5 owners use competing apps while the company worked out the kinks. Australian police are totally on board with people not using iOS maps either, after several people followed the app’s instructions and reportedly had to be rescued from the wilderness as a result. [More]

Google adds Street View to iOS browser maps

Still No Google Maps App For iOS 6, But You Can Now Access Street View

As many people with an iOS device noticed when they upgraded to iOS 6, their Google Maps app had vanished into the ether, replaced with a map app that even Apple admits maybe isn’t that great right now. For people who still wanted to use Google Maps, they could still view them via a web browser, and now Google has turned on Street View. [More]

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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Would Love To Have iTunes On His Android Devices

Although Steve Wozniak helped Steve Jobs found Apple back in the day, he’s a man of many technologies and uses Android devices in his daily life. But he thinks Google and Apple should be able to get along, because Apple and Windows managed to do so so it can’t be totallyimpossible. He expressed his desire to get iTunes on his Android devices yesterday during a tech-new site Q&A. [More]


Wi-Fi Bug In iPhone 5 Surprises Verizon Customers With Massive Cellular Data Overages

Whenever a new Apple product comes out, there seems to be at least a few weeks where ripples of discontent flow through the community of technology devotees. One problem firing up support forums since the iPhone 5 came out centers around phones on the Verizon Wireless network gobbling up cellular data even when users are connected to a Wi-Fi network. That’s totally destroying monthly data caps. [More]


Tim Cook: Sorry Our iOS6 Maps Service Isn’t Really So Great… Maybe Try Google?

While the masses were clamoring for the iPhone 5, many of those hungry consumers were a bit wary about the fact that Apple had ditched the default Google Maps function in favor of its own map application. And now that customers are complaining that the iOS6’s maps are full of bugs and bad directions, Apple CEO Tim Cook is offering his apologies, as well as alternate suggestions. [More]