Please Don’t Shoot At The Pizza Delivery Guy If You Think Your Pie Is Too Small

Among the myriad acceptable ways to resolve a complaint with a pizzeria, you won’t find listed “Pull out a gun and begin shooting.” Someone should have told this to the man in Minnesota who is now facing second-degree assault charges for doing just that.

WCCO-AM in Minneapolis reports that the incident occurred last Friday, when a 45-year-old delivery driver for an unnamed pizza company attempted to make a delivery, only to be told by the customer that the pie was “too small.”

The customer allegedly demanded that the driver give him the pizza he’d ordered and the pizza in his car that was for another customer.

The driver says decided to try to leave rather than debate the topic, but as he returned to his car, he claims the customer went inside and came back out with a gun and began shooting in his direction.

Luckily, the driver wasn’t hit by any of the shots and he was able to get away. He contacted the police who arrested the customer.

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