Hyundai Testing Functionality That Would Let You Lose Your Car Keys And Your Phone At The Same Time

Don’t know about you, but if I’m going out somewhere, I often need to pad my schedule for the inevitable 3-minute hunt for either my keys and my phone (both of which were right here a second ago). Now the folks at Hyundai want to make it so people like me will only have to lose one device.

GigaOm reports that Hyundai is testing a prototype of its accurately titled “Connectivity Concept,” which, among other things, would allow drivers to use NFC-enabled smartphones to unlock and lock their vehicle by tapping the device on an NFC tag on the window (Much in the same way the Samsung Galaxy SIII lets wives conveniently share porn with their traveling husbands).

Inside the car, the phone would communicate the user’s saved profile and make adjustments to things like the radio and seat settings — all through a center console that would charge the device wirelessly.

The question is: Will someone just be able to steal my phone and then steal my car? Such security features are not yet known, but Hyundai doesn’t plan on rolling out the technology until 2015, so it has some time to figure that out.

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