Celeste Hawaiian Pizzas Add Some Pineapple, Still Have Sparse Toppings

Still disappointing.

Still disappointing.

Anh shares my inexplicable love of that cheap freezer case staple, the Celeste pizza-for-one. The just-spicy-enough sauce! The crunchy crust that the likely-carcinogenic microwaving disc provides! The $1 price point! It’s not wood-fired oven pizza, but it’s one of the most edible things that comes out of a box and gets cooked in the microwave. The current line of “limited edition” pizzas tempted Anh, and he opened up a Hawaiian pizza only to find that the toppings were sparse. And it made him sad. Mama Celeste had finally steered him wrong.

Except…wait a minute. Sparse toppings on a Celeste pizza? Ham and pineapple? That sounds familiar, maybe because we posted about it four months ago. Back then, it was a pizza with a sprinkling of ham and only one piece of pineapple. Anh’s pizza has more pineapple, but is still subpar.

He writes:



Let me first say that Mama Celeste Pizzas are bomb. I have a love of Mama Celeste Pizzas that go way way way back and I think they are the best frozen pizzas ever! Shoot, I’m known to trade a hand tossed delivery pizza for a Mama Celeste.

Recently, a walk through the grocery aisle brought me to a Limited Edition pizza by my Mama, which I of course bought a bunch to try. Hawaiian style pizza is one of my favorites. You can imagine my disappointment when the product was a far cry from the promise of the photo on the box (see attached photos).

I love Mama Celeste enough to forgive, but I do not forget! No more limited editions for me because apparently it meant the toppings were limited.

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