This Verizon CSR Really Wants You To Know How Great A Customer You Are

Kevin gets some rare, enthusiastic love from a Verizon chat rep.

Kevin gets some rare, enthusiastic love from a Verizon chat rep.

For those consumers who expect to get a grumpy, unhelpful customer service rep, it’s always a nice surprise when the CSR in pleasant, professional and willing to work with you to resolve your issue. We don’t often hear cases of CSRs gushing about cooperative customers, but we’re not Kevin.

Kevin had some issues with his Verizon FiOS service and went online to see if he could get things fixed via chat customer service. Things seemed to go well, and as the chat came to a close (see screengrab above), the rep apparently felt the need to express his gratitude.

“May I pay you a compliment?” asks the CSR. “I really wish all my customers are like you. Thank you for being so nice and [patient]. I love my job the most when I get to talk to customers like you.

“Thank you for your co-operation, the resolution would not have been possible without your assistance.

“How has been your journey with Verizon FIOS?”

Kevin, who we’re going to assume was a bit flustered by all the love from Verizon, responded, “Well, it was my pleasure being your customer.”

While some might say the Verizon rep was a little too enthusiastic about his admiration for Kevin, we’re just glad to see some genuine emotion in a line of work that companies try too hard to script down to the most minor conversational exchanges.

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